Why? and how? I did medical robots




Medical University of Silesia (SUM); International Society for Medical Robotics; prof.Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development

November 24, 2021 12:30 PM
Zbigniew Nawrat (Fot. Maslow)

„Why? and how? I did medical robots” - an introduction to the subject in the narrative of Zbigniew Nawrat - president of the International Society for Medical Robotics and an academic teacher of the Medical University of Silesia (SUM) and creative director of prof. Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. Zabrze POLAND

*     The key to modern medicine is the increase in productivity and standarization. It cannot be done without automation and robotics – from decision-making processes to therapy and rehabilitation. Due to demographic threats, and CoVid influence an important advantage of using robots is the reduction of employment requirements – regarding the number and skills or education.

*     After telecommunications progress – sending INFORMATION at a distance, it is time for long-distance transmission of ACTION. Tele-Action. Robots are necessary for this.

*     The market of medical robots is growing about 20 percent. annually.The most well-known surgical robot today is the product of Intuitive Surgical - the da Vinci robot system (we already have about 20 in Poland), which was constructed for cardiac surgery but today it is mainly used in gynecology and urology. Why? We are expanding the scope of robotic use and increasing the potential group of patients for whom robotic surgery is beneficial.

*     We believe that robots from the Robin Heart family will be bought by innovative hospitals soon.

These are the theses of my speech. But of course, the answer is much simpler. Why robots? Because they were necessary for the doctor and his patient.  So in the end - to each of us.

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