Quantum advantage with noisy shallow circuits



National University of Singapore

May 11, 2022 4:00 PM


As increasingly sophisticated prototypes of quantum computers are being developed, a pressing challenge is to find computational problems that can be solved by an intermediate-scale quantum computer, but are beyond the capabilities of existing classical computers. Here we explore computational problems that can be solved with certainty by noisy quantum circuits of depth independent of the input size (so-called ‘shallow’ circuits) but cannot be solved with high probability by any (noise free) shallow classical circuit.

The talk will be based on a paper coauthored by Marco arxiv:904.01502 published in Nature Physics.

Zoom meeting room (zoom link, passcode: teamnet)

The purpose of the Team-Net Quantum Computing Colloquium series is to expose Polish and international researchers, as well as interested peers, to the most important recent achievements and trends in the field of quantum computing. Seminars will be taking place on a monthly basis, on Wednesdays at 16:00 CET. Topics of the colloquium include, but are not limited to:

  • Near-term quantum algorithms
  • Quantum supremacy experiments
  • Resource-theoretic approaches to quantum computing
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Practical quantum error correction and error mitigation
  • Mathematical aspects of quantum computing and many-body physics

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