Disordered structures in ultracold spin-imbalanced Fermi gas




CTP PAS, Warsaw Univ. of Technology

October 21, 2022 11:00 AM

The spin-imbalanced ultracold Fermi gas offers a rich playground for exotic structures. Although there are various offered phases, a phase diagram as a function of the spin polarization is not yet complete. We investigate the properties of spin-imbalanced ultracold Fermi gas in a large range of spin polarizations. At low polarization values, we predict the structure of the system as consisting of several spin-polarized droplets. As the polarization increases, the system self-organizes into a disordered structure similar to liquid crystals. At higher polarizations, the system starts to develop regularities that, in principle, can be called supersolid, where periodic density modulation and pairing correlations coexist. We have identified two regimes concerning the evolution time scales at low energies depending on the value of spin polarization.