Classically simulating quantum computations




Center for Theoretical Physics PAS

May 22, 2024 12:30 PM

In addition to being of obvious practical use, classical simulations of quantum computations have interesting theoretical implications. Intuitively those computations which may be efficiently simulated by a classical computer are somehow "less quantum" while those which are prohibitively expensive to simulate classically are "more quantum". I will discuss some ways of quantifying nonclassicality in the form of "magic" resources required to implement them. Recent work (arXiv:2307.12912, arXiv:2307.12654 and arXiv:2307.12702) has extended results known from the Clifford/stabilizer subtheory of quantum mechanics to fermionic linear optics. I will present some of these results with an emphasis on the underlying "framework" which I think is an interesting and underexplored way of understanding about quantum computations. There are many open questions in this area and I will mention some of the ones I am currently thinking about.

This is a hybrid event:
Room D, the Institute of Physics PAS, Al. Lotników 32/46

Online: Zoom Link, (Passcode: 134595, Meeting ID: 823 8038 0442)