All genuinely entangled stabilizer subspaces are multipartite fully nonlocal





January 17, 2024 2:30 PM

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Understanding the relationship between entanglement and Bell nonlocality is one of the long-lasting open problems in quantum physics which is important both from the fundamental and application points of view. In particular, while both entanglement and Bell nonlocality are key resources in quantum information, the latter appears to be a stronger one because it allows for information processing in the device-independent framework in which the players need not trust their devices. Thus, understanding which entangled states give rise to Bell nonlocality and thus are resourceful in this framework is an important and interesting task. Here we establish the equivalence between genuine entanglement and genuine nonlocal for a broad class of multipartite (pure and mixed) states originating from the stabilizer formalism. In fact, we demonstrate a much stronger result that any (mixed) stabilizer state defined on a genuinely entangled subspace is multipartite fully nonlocal meaning that it gives rise to correlations that have no contribution coming from local hidden variable models of any type. We thus also introduce the first examples of genuinely nonlocal subspaces in multiqubit Hilbert spaces in which every single pure state is genuinely nonlocal.