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Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (CTP PAS), invites researchers at all career levels, who have an interest in applying for grants within the fields of quantum physics and astrophysics/cosmology with CTP PAS as a hosting institution.

CTP PAS is situated in Warsaw, the lively capital of Poland, a city of dynamic growth and abundant opportunities.

At CTP PAS, experts from diverse domains related to theoretical physics and astrophysics converge, creating an intellectually stimulating environment. In recent years, CTP PAS has achieved an A category in the evaluation of Poland’s research institutions and has proven its effectiveness in securing grants from various funding agencies.Researchers affiliated with the Center regularly publish their work in prestigious journals including the Nature Group, Physical Review Letters, Quantum, ApJ, MNRAS and others. The Center has endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment and was honoured with the "HR Excellence in Research" award. Our research is grouped into 10 statutory topics (for details see:, namely:
Investigation of a broad class of Cartan geometries and their applications in physics and cosmology,
Evolution of quantum open systems vs. quantum-classical transition
Quantum Gases,
Science and Society,
Non-classical correlations in complex physical systems,
Quantum computing, topology and geometry in quantum mechanics,
Theory of Gravity: mathematical structure, astrophysical and cosmological applications,
Testing GR and alternatives using galaxy density and velocity fields,Complex quantum systems and their applications.

Funding can be applied for from agencies such as:
National Science Center (NCN,,
National Center for Research and Development (NCBR,,
European Commission (EC) (specifically the Horizon Europe programs, ),
Foundation for Polish Science (FNP, ),
Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA, ),
and other relevant institutions.

Any kind of grants can be considered, especially:
Sonatina (, deadlines are usually in March)
The Ulam programme (, deadlinesare usually in May)
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (, especially Postdoctoral Fellowships (

We welcome and are interested in supporting applications from researchers, who fulfil formal eligibility criteria of a call, interested in the following areas:
classical and quantum field theory,
quantum optics,
quantum mechanics,quantum information theory,
physics of novel states of matter,
and astronomy.

Important Notes:
Prior to preparing any application with CTP PAS as the hosting institution, it is essential to obtain an agreement from the Director of CTP PAS. In case you
are interested in collaborating with one of the CTP PAS researchers or you need to have a supervisor, please contact our staff members ( before in order to discuss your ideas. In case of formal questions please contact first: