Konkurs na stanowisko stypendysty w dziedzinie Informatyki kwantowej

Position in the project: Master-student
Scientific discipline: Theoretical Physics
Job type (employment contract/stipend): scholarship
Number of job offers: 1
Remuneration/stipend amount/month: 2000 PLN scholarship (440 EUR)

Position starts on: 01.06.2021
Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: 2 years
Institution: Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Project leader: Prof. dr hab. Marek Kuś / Group leader dr hab. Michał Oszmaniec

Project title: Near-term quantum computers: challenges, optimal implementations and applications
Project is carried out within the Team-Net programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Project description:

Quantum computers promise savings in time and effort
necessary to perform certain computational tasks, which
themselves are of great practical relevance for many branches
of science and industry. Building a working quantum computer
is a notoriously difficult task due to the destructive influence
of noise and decoherence affecting large-scale quantum
systems. Therefore, one expects that in the near future only
devices consisting of a limited number of imperfect qubits
(basic units of quantum computers) will be available. Our
project aims to characterize the computational power and to
investigate possible practical applications of such devices. To
realize these ambitious goals, we will form a network of
closely collaborating research groups working on cutting-edge
aspects of quantum computing: quantum machine learning,
control of quantum systems, quantum error-correction and
identification resources responsible for quantum speedup.

Key responsibilities include:

1. Conducting research
2. Writing scientific papers.
3. Preparation of Master thesis dissertation
4. Participation in scientific conferences

Profile of candidates/requirements:

1. Having a status of a student in Poland
2. Interest in the practical and mathematical aspects of
quantum computing
3. At least basic knowledge of quantum information
theory or quantum computing
4. Optionally (not all skills are required at the same
a. programming experience (C ++, Python or
b. experience in programming on quantum
computers (Qiskit, Forest)
c. basic knowledge of mathematical physics
(e.g. representation theory of Lie groups and
Lie algebras, operator theory)

Required documents:

1. Curriculum vitae;
2. Transcript of grades
3. Motivation letter
4. Research record with a list of publications, and list of
research projects; PDF files of the most important
paper of the candidates; a list of talks at conferences
and workshops, and a list of academic prizes and

We offer:

Scholarships for the period of up to two years, subject
to periodical evaluations. Scientific and
organizational support; Basic equipment and core
The Institute does not provide accommodation.

Please submit the following
documents to:

Submit by email to email address: oszmaniec@cft.edu.pl

Please write in the tile of the email “NTQC master-

Application deadline: 12:00 CET 23.05.2021

An interview is expected. Selection committee reserves
the right to invite for the interviews only preselected
candidates. The interviews will be held in the second half
of October (the confirmation will be sent to the prospect
candidates shortly after the application deadline).