Introduction to Atomic Physics

How we will deliver the course:

Further Reading

Lecture 1

- Introduction to Kinetic Theory: First lecture of Richard Feynman
- Laplace-Runge-Lentz vector: use Wikipedia :)
- Symmetries of classical and quantum model of an atom: Sean J. Weinberg "The SO(4) Symmetry of the Hydrogen Atom"
- Radiation of accelarating charged particle: . Giffiths "Introduction to electrodynamics", J. Jackson "Classical electrodynamics"  
- Estimation of the time at which an electron would fall onto core: Look for instance here
- Introduction to quantum mechanics: J.J. Sakurai ,,Modern Quantum Mechanics"
J-L. Basdevant, J. Dalibard "Quantum Mechanics"....   etc

Lecture 2

- Angular Momentum: J-L. Basdevant, J. Dalibard "Quantum Mechanics", A.R. Edmonds "Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics"