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Hobbies: Sports (ski-alpinism, fencing, tennis, climbing, sailing), travels, books, history and politics.

Karol was skiing down more than eighty different ski-alpine routes in Tatra mountains and completed several ski-tours in Alps (e.g. Mont BlancMonte Rosa, Grossglockner). In July 1991 he was skiing down the north face of Mount Lenin (7134 m) in Pamir, in 1994 he climbed with ski Aconcagua (6963 m) in Argentina and  was skiing down from Fuji San in Japan.

He is also a member of Sekcja Narciarska Krakowskiego Klubu Wysokogórskiego (Ski Division of Cracow Alpine Club) since 1987. In 1987 and 1992 he organized in Tatry mountains the Strzelecki Annual Memorial - largest Polish competition is ski-alpinism.

He published (together with Jozef Wala) a  skiing guide to the Polish High Tatras,   Podroznik, Warszawa 2004. If you want to learn more (and can read Polish) look at (Tatry Wysokie).

Karol passed the state exam for Beskidy Mountains Guide. He possess a sailing patent and the PZN ski instructor certificate.

Karol is a member of Krakowski Klub Szermierzy (Cracow Fencers Club) since 1972. In 1992-94 he initiated and organized Poland Open Oldboy Championships in sword.

After receiving Ph.D. Karol completed the military service in Poland. Serving as a private in a special unit in 1998 he become interested in the theory of military. His first articles in this matter where not allowed for publication by the Polish censorship and eventually appeared in an unofficial journal Bez Dekretu. In 1990 his book "Notatki Szeregowca" was published by Universitas Publishing in Cracow;
second edition Cracow 2000.

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