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We have endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment.

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Research topics being pursued at CTP in 2019.

State by day 01.01.2019
No.TitlePrincipal Investigator
1 Mathematical and cosmological aspects of the evolution of gravitational fields. Prof. J. Kijowski
2 Quantum mechanics of nonlinear and complex systems. Prof. M. Kuś
3 Physical foundations of information processing. Prof. K. Życzkowski
4 Thermodynamics and dynamics of mesoscopic quantum systems. Prof. K. Rzążęwski
5 High-energy astrophysics. Prof. A. Janiuk
6 Science and society. Prof. Ł. A. Turski
7 Optoelectronics and automation in studying the control and regulation of behavior using the methods of neuroengineering. Prof. L. Mankiewicz
8 Topological properties of solutions of the Dirac equation. Prof. I. Białynicki-Birula
9 Observational constraints on the properties of dark energy. Prof. Bożena Czerny
10 Cartan Connections and special contact geometries. Prof. P. Nurowski
11 Topology and geometry in a quantum mechanics. Prof. A. Sawicki
12 Mathematical and numerical general relativity and cosmology. Prof. M. Korzyński
13 Non-classical correlations in complex physical systems. Prof. R. Augusiak
14 Dissipation in the many bodies system. Dr K. Pawłowski
15 Testing GR and alternatives using galaxy density and velocity fields. Dr W. Hellwing
16 Evolution of quantum open systems and the quantum-classical transitions. Prof. J. Korbicz
No.TitlePrincipal Investigator


Research groups operating in CTP PAS

Grants conducted in CTP PAS

TitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding AgencyDuration
VErTIGO: VElocities TestIng Gravity and cOsmology. Dr Wojciech Hellwing NCN 04.09.2019 - 03.09.2024
Correlations in multi-body quantum carpets Mgr Piotr Grochowski NCN 05.07.2019 - 04.07.2021
Dynamic Stoner's instability Prof. Kazimierz Rzążewski NCN 14.01.2019 - 13.01.2021
Systems of partial differential equations corresponding to the para-CR manifolds with the one-time degenerated Levi form in the dimension five Prof. Paweł Nurowski NCN 10.01.2019 - 09.01.2021
Robust self-testing of quantum systems and device-independent uncertainty relations dr. Jędrzej Kaniewski NCN 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2019
Quantum-classic transitions. New problems and research methods Prof. Marek Kuś NCN 08.06.2018 - 07.06.2021
Self-testing protocols for multipartite quantum states
Dr hab. Remigiusz Augusiak FNP 01.05.2018 - 30.04.2021
Limitations on the dark energy properties based on observations of active galaxies Prof. Bożena Czerny NCN 09.04.2018 - 08.04.2023
Special geometries related to the exceptional group G_2 dr Katja Sagerschning NCN 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019
Homology groups of configuration spaces for particles on graphs Tomasz Maciążek NCN 17.07.2017 - 16.11.2019
Matter hyperaccretion on the black hole Prof. Agnieszka Janiuk NCN 10.07.2017 - 09.07.2020
Local relativistic perturbation theory in hydrodynamics and general relativity and its applications in cosmology Prof. Mikołaj Korzyński NCN 10.04.2017 - 09.04.2021
Systems of several atoms in a dipole harmonic trap mgr Rafał Ołdziejewski NCN 17.01.2017 - 16.08.2019
Stability of initial value problem for the equations of Einstein: classical and quantum aspects Prof. Jerzy Kijowski NCN 16.01.2017 - 15.01.2020
Dance of galaxies: testing General Relativity and alternatives using galaxy velocity fields Dr Wojciech Hellwing EC / European Commission / Marie Skłodowska-Curie IF 2017 - 2019
Stellar populations of giant radio sources dr Agnieszka Kuźmicz, scientific supervisor prof. Bożena Czerny NCN 1.10.2016 - 30.09.2019
Dynamics of quantum gases Prof. Kazimierz Rzążewski NCN 14.07.2016 - 13.07.2020
Uncertainty relations and quantum entanglement Prof. Karol Życzkowski NCN 09.06.2016 - 08.06.2021
Optimality, universality and controllability in the theory of quantum computing Prof. Adam Sawicki NCN 12.04.2016 - 11.04.2021
Quasar main sequence Prof. Bożena Czerny NCN 03.02.2016 - 02.07.2019
TitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding AgencyDuration

Scientific Research | Research Groups | Research Grants | Publications

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