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Lech Mankiewicz

Room: 308
Phone:+48 22 116 20 08
E-mail: lech(a)cft.edu.pl
Home Page: www.cft.edu.pl/~lech

Area of interest

I am involved in designing, building and operating small robotic telescopes in order to search for rare phenomena over the whole sky. Our experiment "Pi of the Sky" currently collects data in Chile and in Spain.

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Last 3 publications...


1 (1/2018) Jarosi┼äski, J.; Sowi┼äski, M.; Kasprowicz, G. H.; Mankiewicz, L.; D., R.; G─ůska, M.; Kondrakiewicz, K.; Knapska, E. A.;
Development of automated cage for optogenetic experiments with electromagnetic positioning system
PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, DOI, vol. 10808, p. 108083O, (2018-10-01)


2 (5/2017) Opiela, R.; Mankiewicz, L.; ┼╗arnecki, A. F.; ─ćwiek, A.; Zadro┼╝ny, A.; et. al
Transition from fireball to Poynting-flux-dominated outflow in the three-episode GRB 160625B
Nature Astronomy, DOI, Otwarty dostęp, vol. 2, p. 69ÔÇô75, (2017-11-20)

3 (4/2017) Mankiewicz, L.; ┼╗arnecki, A. F.; Opiela, R.; ─ćwiek, A.; ─ćwiok, M. S.; Czyrkowski, H.; D─ůbrowski, R.; Piotrowski, L. W.; Zaremba, M. F.; Bulik, T. W.; Gromadzki, M.; Wyrzykowski, ┼ü.; Rybicki, K. A.; Ulaczyk, K. P.; Micha┼éowski, M.; Szadkowski, Z.; et. al
Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger
Astrophysical Journal Letters, DOI, Otwarty dostęp, i. 2, vol. 848, p. 1-59, (2017-10-20)

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Popularisation and Education

I coordinate the Hands on Universe - Poland, the Polish branch of the Hands on Universe, Europe project.

I represent Center for Theoretical Physics in the Citizen Science Alliance. In particular, I take care about the polish language versions of Zooniverse projects.

As the Polish Language Advocate for KhanAcademy.org, I promote use of KhanAcademy in education in Poland and translation of KhanAcademy resources to Polish.

All the above tasks are developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education's Center for Educational Development in Warsaw, based on the Collaboration Agreement between CTP PAS and the Scholaris program developed by CED.


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