Rok 2018

1 (1/2018)Czechlewski, M.; Saha, D.;Tavakoli, A.; Pawłowski, M.;  Device-independent witness of arbitrary-dimensional quantum systems employing binary-outcome measurements PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 98, p. 62305, (2018-12-01)

Rok 2017

2 (2/2017) Saha, D.;Pawłowski, M.; Hameedi, A.; Mironowicz, P.; Bourennane, M.;  Complementarity between entanglement-assisted and quantum distributed random access code PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 95, p. 52345, (2017-05-01)

3 (1/2017) Saha, D.; Ramanathan, R.; Activation of monogamy in nonlocality using local contextuality PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 95, p. 30104, (2017-03-01)

Rok 2016

4 (3/2016) Saha, D.;Pawłowski, M.; Xu, Z.; Su, H.; Chen, J.;  Reformulating noncontextuality inequalities in an operational approach PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 94, p. 62103, (2016-12-01)

5 (2/2016) Saha, D.;Panigrahi, P. K.; Vyas, N.;  Rooted-tree network for optimal non-local gate implementation Quantum Information Processing, (doi), (link), i. 9, vol. 15, p. 3855-3867, (2016-09-01)

6 (1/2016) Saha, D.;Pawłowski, M.; Cabello, A.; Choudhary, S. K.;  Quantum nonlocality via local contextuality with qubit-qubit entanglement PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 93, p. 42123, (2016-04-01)

Rok 2015

7 (3/2015) Saha, D.;Pawłowski, M.;  Structure of quantum and broadcasting nonlocal correlations PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 92, p. 62129, (2015-12-01)

8 (2/2015) Saha, D.;Home, D.; Mal, S.; Panigrahi, P. K.;  Wigner's form of the Leggett-Garg inequality, the no-signaling-in-time condition, and unsharp measurements PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 91, p. 32117, (2015-03-01)

9 (1/2015) Saha, D.;Home, D.; Das, S.;  Multipartite Bell-type inequality by generalizing Wigner's argument PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 91, p. 12102, (2015-01-01)