Rok 2018

1 (5/2018) Augusiak, R.;Acin, A.; Šupić, I.; Coladangelo, A.;  Self-testing multipartite entangled states through projections onto two systems NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, (doi), (link), vol. 20, p. 83041, (2018-08-28)

2 (4/2018)Tura, J.; Augusiak, R.; Demianowicz, M.; Constructing genuinely entangled multipartite states with applications to local hidden variables and local hidden states models PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), i. 1, vol. 98, p. 12321, (2018-07-19)

3 (3/2018) Augusiak, R.; Demianowicz, M.; From unextendible product bases to genuinely entangled subspaces PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), i. 1, vol. 98, p. 12313, (2018-07-13)

4 (2/2018)Tura, J.; Augusiak, R.;Acin, A.; Salavrakos, A.; Wang, J.; Paesani, S.; Ding, Y.; Santagati, R.; Skrzypczyk, P.; Mančinska, L.; Bacco, D.; Bonneau, D.; Silverstone, J.; Gong, Q.; Rottwitt, K.; Oxenløwe, L.; O’Brien, J.; Laing, A.; Thompson, M.;  Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics Science, (doi), i. 6386, vol. 360, p. 285-291, (2018-04-20)

5 (1/2018) Augusiak, R.;Acin, A.; Wittek, P.; Curchod, F.; Johansson, M.; Hoban, M.;  A Single Entangled System Is an Unbounded Source of Nonlocal Correlations and of Certified Random Numbers Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, (doi), (link), vol. 73, p. 1-23, (2018-02-01)

Rok 2017

6 (5/2017)Tura, J.; Augusiak, R.;Acin, A.; Salavrakos, A.; Wittek, P.; Pironio, S.;  Bell Inequalities Tailored to Maximally Entangled States PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, (doi), (link), vol. 119, p. 040402-1-040402-6, (2017-07-26)

7 (4/2017)Tura, J.; de las Cuevas, G.; Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Cirac, J. I.;  Energy as a Detector of Nonlocality of Many-Body Spin Systems Physical Review X, (doi), (link), vol. 7, p. 021005-1-021005-22, (2017-04-10)

8 (3/2017) Augusiak, R.;Acin, A.; Wittek, P.; Curchod, F.; Johansson, M.; Hoban, M.;  Unbounded randomness certification using sequences of measurements PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), i. 2, vol. 95, p. 020102-1-020102-5, (2017-02-17)

9 (2/2017) Augusiak, R.; Ramanathan, R.;Quintino, M. T.; Sainz, A. B.; Murta, G.;  Tightness of correlation inequalities with no quantum violation PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 95, p. 012139-1-012139-15, (2017-01-27)

10 (1/2017) Augusiak, R.; Simple and tight monogamy relations for a class of Bell inequalities PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), i. 1, vol. 95, p. 012113-1-012113-8, (2017-01-12)

Rok 2016

11 (6/2016) Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Oszmaniec, M.;Kołodyński, J.; Gogolin, C.;  Random Bosonic States for Robust Quantum Metrology Physical Review X, (doi), (link), vol. 6, p. 041044-1-34, (2016-12-02)

12 (5/2016) Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Kołodyński, J.; Streltsov, A.; Bera, M.;  Asymptotic role of entanglement in quantum metrology PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 94, p. 012339-1-012339-11, (2016-07-22)

13 (4/2016) Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Chruściński, D.;Rana, S.; Samsonowicz, J.; Sufficient separability criteria and linear maps PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), i. 4, vol. 93, p. 042335-1- 042335-11, (2016-04-25)

14 (3/2016) Augusiak, R.;Šupić, I.; Salavrakos, A.; Acín, A.;  Selt-testing protocols based on the chained Bell inequalities NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, (doi), (link), vol. 18, p. 35013, (2016-03-01)

15 (2/2016) Augusiak, R.; Ramanathan, R.;Murta, G.;  Generalized XOR games with d outcomes and the task of nonlocal computation PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 93, p. 022333-1-022333-9, (2016-02-29)

16 (1/2016) Augusiak, R.; Oszmaniec, M.; Kłobus, W.; Grudka, A.; Communication Strength of Correlations Violating Monogamy Relations FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS, (doi), (link), i. 5, vol. 46, p. 620-634, (2016-01-01)

Rok 2012

17 (1/2012) Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Pawłowski, M.; Kotowski, M.; Kotowski, M.;Fritz, T.;  Tight Bell inequalities with no quantum violation from qubit unextendible product bases PHYSICAL REVIEW A, (doi), (link), vol. 85, p. 42113, (2012-04-01)

Rok 2010

18 (1/2010) Augusiak, R.;Lewenstein, M.; Kuś, M.; Grabowski, J.; Searching for extremal PPT entangled states OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, i. 5, vol. 283, p. 805-813, (2010-01-01)