Rok 2018

1 (1/2018) Rajchel, G.;Gąsiorowski, A.; Życzkowski, K.;
Robust Hadamard matrices, unistochastic rays in Birkhoff polytope and equi-entangled bases in composite spaces
Mathematics in Computer Science, (doi), (link), i. 4, vol. 12, p. 473–490, (2018-09-19)

Rok 2017

2 (1/2017) Grochowski, P. T.; Rajchel, G.;Kiałka, F.; Dragan, A.;
Effect of relativistic acceleration on continuous variable quantum teleportation and dense coding
Physical Review D, (doi), i. 105005, vol. 95, p. 1-10, (2017-01-01)