Rok 2018

1 (3/2018) Sawicki, A.; Karnas, K.; Maciążek, T.; Kuś, M.; Oszmaniec, M.; Kowalczyk -Murynka, K.; Multipartite Quantum Correlations: Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry Approach REPORTS ON MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, (doi), (link), i. 1, vol. 82, p. 81-111, (2018-08-01)

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Rok 2017

4 (4/2017) Sawicki, A.; Maciążek, T.; Torsion in Cohomology Groups of Configuration Spaces ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, (doi), (link), i. 137, vol. 6, p. 1695-1698, (2017-12-01)

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Rok 2016

8 (1/2016) Sawicki, A.; Universality of beamslitters QUANTUM INFORMATION & COMPUTATION, (link), i. No. 3&4, vol. Vol. 16, p. 0291–0312, (2016-03-01)

Rok 2015

9 (1/2015) Sawicki, A.; Maciążek, T.; Critical points of the linear entropy for pure L-qubit states Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical, (doi), (link), vol. 48, (2015-01-01)

Rok 2014

10 (4/2014) Sawicki, A.;Harrison, J. M.; Keating, J. P.; Robbins, J. M.;  n-Particle Quantum Statistics on Graphs COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, (doi), (link), i. 3, vol. 330, p. 1293-1326, (2014-06-01)

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Rok 2013

14 (6/2013) Sawicki, A.; Kuś, M.; Ławniczak, M.; Bauch, S.; Sirko, L.; Isoscattering Microwave Networks - The Role of the Boundary Conditions ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, (doi), (link), i. 6, vol. 124, p. 1078-1081, (2013-12-31)

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