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1. (21/2019) W. J. Pearson; L. Wang; M. Alpaslan; I. Baldry; M. Bilicki; M. J. I. Brown; M. W. Grootes; B. W. Holwerda; et. al; T. D. Kitching; S. Kruk; F. F. S. van der Tak;
Effect of galaxy mergers on star-formation rates
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 10.1051/0004-6361/201936337, 2019-11-01  🥇

2. (20/2019) Holwerda, Benne W.; Kelvin, Lee; Baldry, Ivan; Lintott, Chris; Alpaslan, Mehmet; Pimbblet, Kevin A.; Liske, Jochen; Kitching, Thomas; et. al; Bamford, Steven; de Jong, Jelte; Bilicki, Maciej; Hopkins, Andrew; Bridge, Joanna; Steele, R.; Jacques, A.; Goswami, S.; Kusmic, S.; Roemer, W.; Kruk, S.; Popescu, C. C.; Kuijken, K.; Wang, L.; Wright, A.; Kitching, T.;
The Frequency of Dust Lanes in Edge-on Spiral Galaxies Identified by Galaxy Zoo in KiDS Imaging of GAMA Targets
THE ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL, 2019AJ....158..103H***10.3847/1538-3881/ab2886***1909.07461, 2019-09-01  🥈

3. (19/2019) Xavier, H. S.; Costa-Duarte, M. V.; Balaguera-Antolínez, A.; Bilicki, M.;
All-sky angular power spectra from cleaned WISE×SuperCOSMOS galaxy number counts
JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, 2019JCAP...08..037X***10.1088/1475-7516/2019/08/037***1812.08182, 2019-08-01  🥉

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