Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, the CTP PAS is operating in a limited way. In particular, until further notice the CTP PAS administration will be opened only in Tuesday and Thursday. On other days contact with the administration will be possible only by an e-mail. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

CTP PAS Employees


Beata Bartyska
Beata Bartyska (Inspector for Personal Data Protection)
Wioleta Gryz
Wioleta Gryz (Employee of the Secretariat and Human Resources)    +48 22 847 09 20
Mgr Magdalena Kacprzak
Mgr Magdalena Kacprzak (Deputy Director for General Affairs)    +48 22 116 20 10
Karolina Szafrańska
Karolina Szafrańska (Head of the Secretariat and Human Resources)    +48 22 116 20 01