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Grants conducted in CTP PAS


Grant Title Project Leader Funding Institution Start End
VErTIGO: VElocities TestIng Gravity and cOsmology. Prof. Wojciech Andrzej Hellwing NCN 2019-09-03 2024-09-03
Correlations in multi-body quantum carpets Mgr Piotr Tadeusz Grochowski NCN 2019-07-04 2021-07-04
Near-term quantum computers: challenges, optimal implementations and applications Project leader Prof. Marek Kuś, CTP PAS team leader Dr Michał Oszmaniec FNP 2019-07-01 2023-06-30
Dynamic Stoner's instability Prof. Kazimierz Maria Rzążewski NCN 2019-01-13 2021-01-13
Systems of partial differential equations corresponding to the para-CR manifolds with the one-time degenerated Levi form in the dimension five Prof. Paweł Krzysztof Nurowski NCN 2019-01-09 2021-01-09
Quantum-classic transitions. New problems and research methods Prof. Marek Kuś NCN 2018-06-07 2021-06-07
Self-testing protocols for multipartite quantum states Prof. Remigiusz Augusiak FNP 2018-04-30 2021-04-30
Limitations on the dark energy properties based on observations of active galaxies Prof. Bożena Jadwiga Czerny NCN 2018-04-08 2023-04-08
Matter hyperaccretion on the black hole Prof. Agnieszka Janiuk NCN 2017-07-09 2020-07-09
Local relativistic perturbation theory in hydrodynamics and general relativity and its applications in cosmology Prof. Mikołaj Korzyński NCN 2017-04-09 2021-04-09
Dynamics of quantum gases Prof. Kazimierz Maria Rzążewski NCN 2016-07-13 2020-07-13
Uncertainty relations and quantum entanglement Prof. Karol Życzkowski NCN 2016-06-08 2021-06-08
Optimality, universality and controllability in the theory of quantum computing Prof. Adam Sawicki NCN 2016-04-11 2021-04-11
Grant Title Project Leader Funding Institution Start End


Grant Title Project Leader Funding Institution Start End
Robust self-testing of quantum systems and device-independent uncertainty relations Dr Jędrzej Kaniewski NCN 2018-06-30 2019-06-30
Special geometries related to the exceptional group G_2 Dr Katja Sagerschnig NCN/Maria Skłodowska-Curie Cofund Action 2017-12-31 2019-12-31
Topology of configuration spaces for particles on graphs Dr Tomasz Maciążek NCN 2017-10-01 2018-10-01
Homology groups of configuration spaces for particles on graphs Dr Tomasz Maciążek NCN 2017-07-16 2019-11-16
Andrzej Trautman and Gold Age of General Relativity Prof. Paweł Krzysztof Nurowski MNiSW 2017-06-22 2018-05-22
Systems of several atoms in a dipole harmonic trap Dr Rafał Ołdziejewski NCN 2017-01-16 2019-08-16
Stability of initial value problem for the equations of Einstein: classical and quantum aspects Prof. Jerzy Juliusz Kijowski NCN 2017-01-15 2020-01-15
Dance of galaxies: testing General Relativity and alternatives using galaxy velocity fields Prof. Wojciech Andrzej Hellwing EC / European Commission / Marie Skłodowska-Curie IF 2016-12-31 2019-12-31
Stellar populations of giant radio sources Dr Agnieszka Olga Kuźmicz tutor Prof. Bożena Jadwiga Czerny NCN 2016-09-30 2019-09-30
Non-locality in Multipartite Quantum Systems Prof. Remigiusz Augusiak EC 2016-03-31 2018-03-31
Quasar main sequence Prof. Bożena Jadwiga Czerny NCN 2016-02-02 2019-07-02
Entanglement and decoherences of ultra cold gases Prof. Krzysztof Pawłowski NCN 2015-03-05 2018-09-05
Decoherence properties of non-gaussian states Dr hab. Łukasz Marek Rudnicki NCN 2015-02-19 2018-10-17
Maximally entangled quantum states and SLOCC classification of multiqubit states Dr Tomasz Maciążek MNiSW 2014-08-24 2018-08-24
Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior Prof. Lech Mankiewicz NCN 2013-12-19 2018-12-19
Astrophysics processes around compact objects Prof. Agnieszka Janiuk NCN 2013-02-24 2018-10-24
Grant Title Project Leader Funding Institution Start End