Prof. dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Górski

Meeting with Professor Andrzej Górski, President of the Ethics Committee, affiliated by the Polish Academy of Science, on:
"Ethics of a Scientist in the Times of Evaluation"

13 June, 12:00 pm in the Hall of the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 32/46 Lotników Avenue, Warsaw.

We invite you to coffee and cookies from 11:30 a.m.

After professor Górski's talk (in Polish), there will be a summary in English. During the subsequent discussion, questions asked in both Polish and English will be accepted and answered.

So far, 38 people have registered. If the capacity limit of the hall (240 people) is exceeded, it will be possible to listen to the speech of professor Górski and the discussion on the screen in the adjacent room.