From Geometry and Chaos
to Quantum Information and Neurobiology

Symposium in honour of Marek Kuś 60th birthday

Warsaw, April 24-25, 2015

About Marek

Marek Kuś was born in Warsaw in 1955. He got his education and all degrees in physics at the University of Warsaw. With vast international experience, working in the US, Germany and France he is now a prominent theoretical physicist running an active group of young scientists at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Several of his former PhD students are already pursuing successful and independent research carriers.

His research interests are exceptionally broad. He started-off contributing to the application of stochastic processes in quantum optics. Then, he made seminal contributions to the theory of quantum chaotic systems. Recently his activity is concentrated on mathematical physics problems of quantum information. On a number of occasions he also diverted his attention to practical topics such as problems of ceramics and applications of physical notions in social science.

Being a member of numerous committees he exerts a significant influence over Polish science.
Marek Kuś
Conference photo

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